Center for Technology & Innovation (CeTIM)
        CeTIM is an international academic research and education institute at University BW Munich, Germany and Leiden University, the Netherlands. CeTIM focuses on research in management of technology, innovation and strategic change. In addition to research excellence in Virtual Organization and Innovation Management, CeTIM is also strong at project sourcing and management.
  Keynetwork International
        French firm Keynetwork is specialized in providing business center service, cross-border investment consulting, marketing studies and SME¡¯s match making, management semirars & trainings, providing technology information from Europe, USA and Asia. It is dedicated to bringing European companies to China & Chinese companies to Europe.
  International Association of Science Parks (IASP)
        IASP is the only organization of Science Parks and knowledge-based incubation projects with a genuine world-wide character, which has members in 53 countries as well as contacts and associated in many more. The mission of IASP is to facilitate the integration of the Science/ Technology Parks and Business and incubators in its worldwide network, and to assist the activities and operations of any IASP members.
  Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE)
        APTE belongs to the International Association of Science Parks (IASP). It cooperates with Science Parks of Latin America, the Latin American Associations of Parks. Now it has 22 Full Members and 43 Associated Members. The main objective of APTE is to inform society in general of the existence of science and technology parks as important instruments for the development of industry, research and technology transfer, to promote the enterprise cooperation and to foment the dissemination and transfer of technology, and to actively participate in the Spanish Science ¨C Technology ¨C Enterprise system, whereby parks function as technological infrastructure for the support of innovation, interchange information in the meetings of APTE about their experience and the difficulties in the development of parks.
        Vision Is A Global Business Consultant - Helping Companies Smoothly Gain Access And Conduct Business In Emerging Markets. Through Our Team Of Import, Legal, Marketing, Technology, Auditing And Cultural Specialists, Our Customers Gain Express Access, Grow Strong Partnerships And Market Their Products Efficiently And Effectively In Foreign Lands. Our Commitment To Our Clients Is Our #1 Priority. We Pride Ourselves On Friendly, Hands-On Personalized Service, Helping To Mitigate Cultural Barriers And Smooth Business Relationships.
  Global Spirit
        Global Spirit based in the UK specialise in creating joint venture partnerships between UK & Chinese companies, including the outsourced manufacturing of goods and business processes across a wide market sector including, retail, distribution, medical equipment, construction and real estate. We provide an individual service to our client base, and work closely with them to understand and achieve their business objectives. The strategic alliance formed between Global Spirit & HTIBI within the UK enables our clients to simultaneously access a wealth of ¡°on the ground¡± global experience, assisting them in unlocking further added value as a result of working with us.
        Eurosinolink is a French company specialized in the technology transfer and outsourcing for industrial activities especially in the field of pharmaceutics, chemistry, mining, petro chemical, metallurgy, dietary products, environment, medical devices, cosmetics and biotechnology etc. It has entered into business relationship with companies from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America etc.
  Institut National des T¨¦l¨¦communications (INT)
        INT was founded in 1999, a public training and research institute, part of the GET Group, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry. INT has a first mover reputation and has early on promoted entrepreneurship as the corner stone of its growth strategy. It gathers three Schools, with the unique peculiarity in France of hosting on the same campus engineering and a business School, both specialized in ICT. The Innovation Accelerator of INT is part of on-the-field actions that aim at boosting technology transfer and helping innovative growth companies to become successful international businesses.
  Marseilles Grande Luminy Scientific & Technological Park
        Marseilles Luminy, Scientific & Technological Park, developed in 1995 through the companies and institutions present on the site and local authorities, was the first French experiment to help create companies set up by students and researchers alike, acknowledged by the Minister of Research in 1998. This Grand Luminy enterprise centre, benefits from joint participation from both scientists and lectures, particularly those working in the ESC-MP (Ecole Superieur de Commerce Marseillies Provence) Group. It is deliberately small scale offering quick responses making it possible to effectively help set up companies with a very competitive cost/project ratio.
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